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“I have been to the Center, and it is not US.”


m_91eadd8da4433fb683ebea4f9042e777Christopher MacDonald

@azotusmac: Tall, prank-playing, 2-fisted espresso-drinking, always writing & keyboard slamming, painting, Kanji-drawing, Jesus-loving, warrior-poet built to serve.

Christ is the living center and our rubric for understanding the Father and everything else. Modern Christendom’s insistence on beginning with themselves has left them depressed, passionless, disoriented, dis-unified and without clarity of vision. Intense exposure to Jesus, and His glory, via the Word – intelligently preached and taught – is huge factor in a healthy congregation. One thing is certain, their eyes will not be on each other’s faults or shortcomings.

It’s time to be the Body of Christ for real and not play “successful church” with best-selling principle-driven books and a weekly performance. We don’t get to do this again and statistics alone show the Church is seriously losing a ton of people and they are not coming back.

The Church is instead, potentially a rich training ground for meaning action, and personal heroism and service in Christ.

It is not rocket science.

 N.T. Wright identifies disunity as the single largest issue currently facing the Western Church. How can we address this? By being “Kingdom” believers who focus on what Chesterton (then C.S. Lewis) called “mere Christianity.” It is not rocket science.

Me? I can work in most any denomination simply because I major on the majors and have no interest in the minors at all.

If you want to know exactly what I would do, what I am made of, and what solutions I gravitate towards, I have made it easy for you. I just wrote a small book called:  jesus outed: Farcical Tales and Explorations in a Post Christian World.  That will tell you everything.

The book is available for your Kindle, PC or Mac HERE. The book will be available in print and via in early January 2014.

As for possibly being a pastor: God made me a lop-sided guy on purpose. Heavy on proclamation of the Word (kerymata); teaching (didache); equipping men and women for service (identifying gifts and callings and then nurturing those in others to maturation); and vision (spiritual discernment) for the Church.

That, and occasionally I do windows and mop…

The jury is still out.

I am not supposed to do everything. My ambition is to be pleasing to God and to serve people. I am a strong leader, but flexible and open; I am a scholar, but I well versed nerdish cultural references and enjoy them. I’m old enough to deal with death, but young enough to pal around and take in the latest Marvel film offering. In fact, I excel and mentoring younger guys (had a bunch go off to seminaries in the past who now serve).

I identify most with Spiderman, but I seem to have collected a lot of Captain America T-shirts. I just think they are cool.

In accordance with my gifts though, I also write and publish often. I make no bones about being intellectual. I can just bring it “down.” I am looking for a group of laypeople to work with who are open to doing evangelism with in creative ways led by the Spirit. We are not talking about “thinking smarter” – but being deeper in our faith.


SPOKE  (Journal of Christology)             

WROTE  (How to Read and Study the Bible)

KanjiKoi (Biblical Studies)                         (Art & Word)                               htttp://

Prima eGuide (patented)

Webby Nomination

Mavericks Surf

Prima Games

Saving the Bay

Honors and Awards:

2006 Webby Nomination for

Internet Patent for eGuides, Random House

Poem in the U.S. Library of Congress


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