Free at last…sort of


jesus outed submitted to Kindle and Amazon. Exhausted.

Now I have to: 1) figure out how to get my windows 8.1 computer to stop giving me extra keystrokes; 2) how to get review copies of the book to the right people; 3) how to do another video for Kickstarter so I can drum up some interest to get dough (not for me but for print ccopies (see?) so I can get books in people’s hands) and 4) actually shower and finally fold and put away my laundry.

Let me share something with you. At some point, about two weeks ago (12-14 hour days, six days a week) I gave up on making any money for myself on this venture. About seven days ago I realized I was exhausted and that I love this book and want people read it because it is so full of Jesus, or if not, it takes you right up to the door. Then three days ago I realized I would give every dime to buy as many copies to put in the right hands to disperse it so I can move on. I feel a real responsibility. I also hoped I would be able to move on…kind of like now…a bit, and write about other things, because I have been staring at the same 150 pages for six weeks solid.

You might think I would hate those pages after six weeks, or think they were the best thing since Walker Percy. Neither apply at all.

It’s well written, fresh and good. That’s all. They are definitely me.


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