Possible foreward

You will note that some of these “pieces” have been around awhile and wonder what is up with that? First, it was purely personal. I was a recluse due to a mental condition which was utterly unknown to me for two decades. So I would write a book and finish it, then just start on another one.

Until I was re-diagnosed and got the correct meds I just kept writing (I have a lot of books). Now I am freed up to publish, do readings, a book tour…you name it. No problem. More finished books on the way too!


Second, these “Jesus” issues have not gotten any better; in fact they have gotten worse in all cases. An essay like “The Haunt of Jackals” was interesting in 1993. In 2013 I’d up it to crucial and so will you after you read it.

Why the book?  I have a simple saying: “I have been to the Center and it is not US.”

There you have it. In fact, if you want my advice? Read the poem All About Us first, then No Assembly Required (which broke my heart to write). Then go ahead and move on the funny stuff like  Jesus Outed  and Al Michael’s is God etc…

I put  The Circular Argument   at the end. It is,  frankly, a devastating argument for a Christocentric world-view. The fact that this is not a given in the Church is beyond comprehension.  It is analogous to the fact that we live in a Christocentric universe but the spellchecker on my computer does not recognize that as a “real word”.

The Church-at-large does not recognize that as a daily reality. hey are the Center and Jesus will help them. He is very gracious and loving to His Bride and often will. But the core problem with the Church is one of centrality and perception.


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